Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SCIS&ISIS 2020 will be held as an ONLINE event, without physical attendance. Further information will be posted on this website when available.

Program Overview


The booklet can be downloaded from here (need password).

Time Schedule

The time schedule can be downloaded from here.


The detailed program can be downloaded from here (updated).

Instructions for Conference Participants

  • Instruction for Viewing Presentation Video on EDAS (link)
  • Zoom Instruction for Presenters and Participants (link)
  • Instruction for Participating in a SCIS&ISIS Workspace in Slack (link)
  • Instruction for Participating in Virtual Community Space by oVice (link)

Instructions in Japanese [EDAS; Zoom; Slack; oVice]

(Last update: Dec. 2, 2020)

Video Presentation Guidelines for SCIS&ISIS2020

All accepted papers at SCIS&ISIS 2020 will be presented via video presentation. We would like to request you to prepare and upload your presentation video that allowing participants to freely watch the presentation video before and during the conference. In addition, in order to have discussions with fellow researchers around the world, we would like to request all the presenters to attend your session on time.
Please carefully review all details below concerning preparation of the presentation and scheduling.

Requirements for Your Presentation Video

We strongly encourage you to use the conference PowerPoint template available at URL.
  1. The video length should be less than:
    • 20 minutes (for full papers)
    • 15 minutes (for short papers)
  2. The video size should be less than 150MB.
  3. The video format must be .mp4.
  4. The resolution of the video should be of high definition (at least 720p), and an aspect ratio is 16:9.
  5. Audio commentary and all information on the slides must be clearly presented.
  6. All presentations must be in English.
Showing a speaker view is recommended but not compulsory. If you choose to do so, please make sure the speaker window is in the top right corner of the screen and not covering slides.
We would like to request you to upload your presentation video via EDAS.

Instruction for Uploading Your Presentation Video to EDAS

Please carefully read the instruction available here. The deadline for video uploading is November 15, 2020 (JST). Although we will play the uploaded video at the conference, we would like to request you to attend your session on time. This is a requirement for publishing your paper in the IEEE Xplore.Please finalize and upload your presentation video by November 15, 2020 (JST).

Tips for Preparation of Your Video Presentation

You can find some useful tips for video presentation preparation in the following links.

If you need help, please contact the SCIS&ISIS2020 General Affairs.
SCIS&ISIS2020 General Affairs [ scisisis2020+info@gmail.com]

We appreciate your support in making SCIS&ISIS 2020 a success in this online conference format and we thank you for your kind cooperation.